March 3, 2020

Snap the Rubber Band! The most difficult thing to manage is yourself and sometimes if you are going through a particularly difficult day or period of time your mind can start to take control of you, instead of the other way around….”Have you lost your mind?” Is a common saying and many of us now and then have because if you can’t control your thoughts you have lost control of your mind!! Being conscious of negative thoughts is the first step to overcoming this and gaining back control, however sometimes just being conscious of your thoughts is not enough to disrupt the pattern. So the technique I use when I find myself drifting into negative thinking to give me a jolt, is to wear a rubber band or hair bobble around my wrist. When the unwanted negative thoughts start to appear in my mind I snap the band on my wrist and immediately make myself think a positive thought based on the negative one I just had. This takes some practice but it does work. Have a go, Be prepared for a sore wrist at first! hashtag#business hashtag#success hashtag#julesjems hashtag#mindfulness

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