June 1, 2020

Many of us are challenged with achieving the results we desire. We have dreams, we set goals, we develop action steps and implement plans to achieve them. However, many of us never achieve what we set out to accomplish?

Why is that? One of the great lessons I have learned is that when we are unable to accomplish something we immediately want to focus on our behaviour, which is the effect. Instead we need to place our focus on being able to understand the cause of our current behaviour

How many times have you set out to accomplish a task, knowing that if you consistently completed this task you would be well on your way to achieving your desired outcome? Yet you cannot get yourself to complete the task.

As an example we can use my own procrastination with telemarketing.

I knew that if I made 30 calls I would get in contact with 10 business owners which would lead to 3 appointments that would lead to 1 client. So all I needed to do was to make 30 calls to connect with 10 people to schedule 3 appointments to sign one client. Yet I wouldn’t do it. Why?

My challenge was a result of focusing on the effect, being unable to complete 30 calls each day. I needed to place my focus on what was causing me to procrastinate. I needed to ask myself, “What is holding me back from accomplishing my desired outcome?”

It was at this moment that I was introduced to the Identity Iceberg.

The Identity Iceberg taught me to look within to find the cause that was holding me back.

I learned that there are 5 areas that combine to shape our behaviour.

It all starts with our Environment. Our environment consists of where we grew up and the people we associate with including our parents, siblings, extended family, friends, coaches, teachers, etc.

As a result of our environment we form our Identity.

Our identity causes us to develop our system of Values.

Through the development of our values we establish our Beliefs.

Our beliefs allow us to build up a particular set of Skills.

Are you asking yourself, “How does this relate to an iceberg?”

Ninety percent of an iceberg’s mass lies below the surface and as human beings we are no different. Ninety percent of who we are lies below our surface, in the form of our identity, values, beliefs and skills.

These traits are represented externally through our behaviour.

The effect of our behaviour is displayed through our actions and decisions.

Each decision and action we make manifests into our Results.

So if we are not achieving the results we desire we need to look at our actions and decisions.

If we are not happy with our decisions and actions we need to look at our behaviour.

If we are not pleased with our behaviour we need to look below the surface and see what is causing us to achieve less than we desire.

Is it a result of our current skills, beliefs, values, identity or environment? The cause will be found within these parameters. Once we discover it we can make the decision to immediately take action to overcome this challenge.

Understanding the cause and overcoming it will allow us to make the necessary changes to our behaviour.

By changing our behaviour we will enable ourselves to take the most suitable action needed to achieve our ideal result.

So make the decision today, to commit yourself to focusing on what is causing you to hold yourself back as opposed to attempting to fix your behaviour.

Once you commit to this approach you will begin to establish the foundation to accomplish all that you desire.

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